0703: Happy Fourth


With a nod to the Fourth I dug up this shot from the recent past. The flag is set against the grille of an old tractor – where else but standing in line at the Fourth of July Parade a couple of years ago. I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.



Two things have kept me attached to the computer this past week. The quarry has been oppressively hot, for one. Fortunately I have plenty of images to catch up with ( a fresh selection to follow). But first, I have a few overlooked images from my time in Italy last Autumn.


And that leads me to the second reason why I was attached to the computer – that seemingly instant crack-like addiction to World Cup soccer!  With the tv next to the computer …well you know the rest.


It must have been that general aura of internationalism that led me to my Italy library in the first place. These are images of Pliocene Period fossils that we found in the hills of Tuscany, in a vineyard with our friends Elisabetta and Stefano.


They covered the ground and the hillside – white specks everywhere.



And now, to the quarry. These first three images have terrific detail – one of those features that always amazes me – 385 million years old and this well defined information exists – right at our feet!


But then I’m one of those people who is still awed by the notion that scientists have developed ways to help figure so much of this out – life on the planet, that is.


 (By the way, clicking on any image will bring it up in a fresh window. Just hit back arrow to return.)










I’ll close today with a shot from Cooper Lake, just outside of Woodstock.

Thanks for the visit.


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