0626: Color From the Quarry


I found this the other day in the quarry – in the section whose rocks crumble easily (as I have described in the past). It is also the place where mineralized water leaches through the rocks producing these vivid colors.


I found the other half so I couldn’t resist this shot – is there a geological term for          “fried eggs?”


I couldn’t resist these other two.




This rock, a little less crumbly than the others, is smaller than a loaf of bread. And unlike most of the rock of this type, this one contains brachiopods from a thin fossil layer.


The image above was what I wanted first. And, happy with the results, I decided to break this fragile rock down, shooting all that I might find within.


Often, all that can be found is on the surface. Luckily this one had far more to offer. These remaining images all come from that one rock.








All the way down to here.




And, finally, we were graced the other day with the annual appearance of luna moths.

Thanks to you (and the luna moths) for the visit.

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