0612: Not Enough Time

IMG_2597_01_LR_12Last week I wrote about a “wealth of subjects” but this week the operative phrase is “not enough time.” I’m a little light on images so today I have strung together a recent assortment of pics from here and there.


This “not enough time” thing has to do with my upcoming solo show in August at the bau Gallery in Beacon. While it is still two months away – it’s only two months away!!


Normally for me that’s a pretty manageable time frame. But this time there are other factors at work. This time I’m working on an entirely new body of work – one that is something of a departure for me. And there’s a lot to do.


All my time is being devoted to this new series – prepping and eventually printing the images. And it’s all great fun. One minute I’m delighted and exhilarated with the work. The next minute I’m questioning its value on all sorts of levels. This roller coaster ride is very often part of the creative process – at least for me. And I’ve had a laugh about it with a number of artist friends with similar experiences.


I’m sure I’ll be rambling on about this topic for a while since it does seem to be in my head constantly. And hopefully the end result will be work that I will enjoy making and work that I will enjoy sharing with you.



So, with all that as a preface, here are two pieces that will make it into the show.


They will most likely combine with four other images I posted previously on May 15 in a post entitled 0515: New Projects. Please feel free to comment.



I’d like to wrap up with two pics from Facebook that I wanted to share. The first is one from my old friend, Donna Quante. We worked together years ago on The Cosby Show where Donna was a member of the one of the finest camera crews ever to work a tv studio set! That’s Donna in the white skirt, with fellow camera person Helene Haviland next to her. And that’s me (off to the left with the beard). We worked together for years and it was one of the best experiences of my career!



And one final sad note.

The other day, this country experienced its 74th school shooting since Sandy Hook.

Tom Waits



2 thoughts on “0612: Not Enough Time

  1. You asked for comments on the new work. Does “ooooooo” qualify as a comment? I like this new work even if I can’t figure out what makes those grass-like shapes. And the bits of blue in the first one above are lovely. The old work—especially the second, fourth, and fifth images of brachiopods above—continues to fascinate me. In fact, I like it more and more, especially when you get those guys to look iridescent.

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