0515: New Projects

IMG_0740_01_LR_12The first group of images today are part of my latest project – different in many ways from what you may be familiar with – exploring some particular traces left behind – almost like some “contemporary” trace fossils. Let’s say it has my current attention.








IMG_1517+_01_LR_10I introduced the first few pieces from this series last week – so I had to go back to the quarry again several more times to see what else I might find. Turns out it just jumps right out at you! Set against dark rocks the colors seem to invite one over for some interesting conversation ( I think I’m having too much fun with it all).







Thanks, Linda, for the information (and comments) last week. By the way, I drove past that same intersection three hours later and the dog was (still?) sitting in the same place!



And last for today more fossils from my last visit to the aforementioned quarry – once again all brachiopods (with one gastropod sneaking into the next image).









Thanks for the visit.


2 thoughts on “0515: New Projects

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