0417: Easter Brachiopods

IMG_0406_01_LR_10With Easter a couple of days away I thought I’d start the week’s post with this creepy pic I took the other day. Actually the entire store that this came from was odd in so many ways – from christmas trees and ornaments to skulls for halloween. Not being your typical consumer, I continue to be amazed at what this consumer culture produces. But you should know that it was the building’s edifice that drew me there.

IMG_0429_01_LR_10You just can’t drive by a place like this without stopping and spending some time with a camera.



This grouping of cephalopods seemed to find a home on a tree stump. The background textures seem worthy of further exploration. Same is true for the piece of coral below.




More brachiopods to view. They do seem to be everywhere around here.


These next three images come from one cluster of brachs. Plenty to explore!








For having such a small studio I’m amazed at what a packrat I have become! Fortunately this affliction is mostly confined to props and other photo worthy type objects.


These dried up gourds are compositional delights – the curves and shapes in general just beg for attention.




Snow on the night of April 15. What???

I’ll be hitting the road tomorrow for a couple of weeks – needing a photo adventure. So no post for the next two weeks. Hopefully some fresh new work to display – hopefully even some fossils if I stumble across them in my travels.


3 thoughts on “0417: Easter Brachiopods

  1. Were Brachs a kind of beetle? So happy trails to you, I like your alternate consumerism.
    Having a strange spring myself, but work’s better. And watch those April snow slides!

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