0327: Endings and Beginnings


This image has always been a personal favorite of mine, perhaps because it is so personal in its wonderful and accurate description of the owner of that little box. It is entitled “The Buddha Within.” The box itself, a small matchstick box empty of matchsticks, received a second life – tasked to hold and protect a small sandstone Buddha once carried home from Tibet by its owner.

In fact, “The Buddha Within” is really a portrait of its owner – my dear friend, Loren Standlee, who I am very sad to say is no longer with us. He passed away last Thursday, March 20, on the first day of Spring. He was a fine man, witty and profound, kind and funny. His sense of goodness was true and genuine, quite a rarity in this life. He endured a long period of illness with understanding and acceptance, never once complaining, always acknowledging the greater picture of all that is. Though he only entered my life in recent years, the experience of knowing him humbled me and enriched my life.


This fossil came from one of his early trips to Tibet. Of course, I had to photograph it.


I should tell you also that Loren was a brilliant artist. His two dimensional work was collage, unlike any I’ve ever seen! Large pieces dense with overlapping imagery come together to produce hair-trigger epiphanies and (if one is lucky) even moments of transcendence. Yes, that’s saying a lot regarding the power of his work. It affected me that way and I am grateful for it.

Rather than continue with images of my own, on this occasion I would like to share with you some of Loren’s work:

Genetic Pool


Screen Shot1




Screen Shot2




More of Loren’s work can be found at:



Goodbye Loren. I will miss you and I will miss your tales of adventure and wonder. Spring has arrived and I’m sorry you will miss it.

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