0213: Dreaming

img_5739_01a_lr-10I woke this morning with thoughts of an episode of The Twilight Zone“The Midnight Sun.” It was all about a woman awakening from a horrible dream in which the Earth was growing unbearably hot. She wakes to a world in deep freeze – one of those great last minute switches that show was famous for.

birdfeeder_LR_12With another snowstorm bearing down on us, that’s what came to mind first as I glanced out the window. And while ours does not approach the apocalyptic madness of that episode (far more difficult for the birds out at the feeder than for me right now)…just for that brief moment…I wondered.

So, no snow pics. Instead I pulled together a few that make me think of warmer days!


img_3524_01cropsmallCatskill Morning


img_6700_01_lr_10Storm King, NY




img_4206_01_lr_10Red Truck


img_5715_01_lr_101The Vly, Catskill, NY


img_2412_01_lr_12v1Isle La Motte, Vermont


img_4089_indianladder_01b_lr_12Indian Ladder


img_3713_panorama1_lrHigh Falls, Catskill, NY


img_6409_01_lr_10Down the Road


One final note – The Twilight Zone episode to which I referred “The Midnight Sun” is well worth watching. I found it on youtube and it is every bit as timely now as it was then.

img_6954_01b_15Thanks for the visit.


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