0206: Sunday Drive

_MG_4678_01_LR_10This past week, in between snow storms, with country roads relatively dry, we managed to get out for a drive. Cindy at the wheel and me in the passenger seat. What a pleasure it is to view the local landscape without the burden of keeping one’s eyes on the road.

mg_4583_01_lra2_10And what a landscape it is around here!

_MG_4595_01_LR_10Both natural and man made.

IMG_6046_01_LR_10Miracle Mountain

_MG_4693_01_LR_10Strange remnants – The rear entrance or an underground bunker?

IMG_6019_01_LR_12An exit to where?

In this case, the fence belongs to a still surviving drive in movie.


Before I wrap up with a handful of fossil images I want to mention that the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (WAAM) is having its first shows of the new year. Juried shows both upstairs (Main Show) and downstairs (Small Works) will open this Saturday (Feb. 8, 4-6 PM). I’m pleased to say that I was accepted into both shows with an Honorable Mention in the main show.

Winter Scene_LRWinter Scene (upstairs)

IMG_2327_01a_enl copy_LRThe Luthier (Small Works)


IMG_2702_01b_LR_10As I continue sifting through my image libraries I have been reacquainting myself with some of my earliest fossil images.

IMG_3237_01b_LR_10Here are four that I decided to reconsider and rework.

IMG_2626_01b_LR_10I have a different set of eyes than I had when these were shot. And my approach has changed as well.

IMG_3239_01b_LR_10Fresh material!


This was end of day at the studio.

IMG_6057_01_LR_12Icicles, yes. But also longer days. I look forward to Spring!

Thanks for the visit.


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