1121: Textured


This small group of Pliocene fossils, found while in Tuscany, continue to capture my attention. I have already shot them a number of times and they still seem to have more to give.




I’ve been adding to my “backgrounds” collection. So, now along with piles of rocks surrounding my studio, I’m developing a pile of rust scraps and other odd assorted items that I can turn to when in need of a different backdrop for certain fossils.

And thanks to a few days of good weather I’ve finally returned to old ways and managed to get out and dig for new treasure – also a perfect time to break out the new backgrounds.




This trace fossil came with its own textured background. I was out the other day on a hike with my friend and neighbor, Harry, when he discovered this rock in a heavily quarried area. Too big to carry back to the studio, so it was shot on site. Those curved lines are the result of a burrowing animal looking for food 385 million years ago.


IMG_5745_01_LR_10Back at the studio,with a fresh bag of fossils, I found myself pulling out all kinds of props, trying to see what might work best with them. From there pictures began to unfold.


IMG_5651_01_LR_10Out came my favorite prop, the erstwhile Devonian Drawer, this time sans Devonian, and used with an odd but intriguing antique object. Thanks, Lenny. If you really miss it you can have it back!


IMG_5631_01_LR_12One of the Italian fossils sits comfortably (lower right) with some animal bones.




I’ll finish today with some contemporary Roman textures.


The walls there seem to have stories to tell.


IMG_4709_01_LR_12Thanks for visiting.

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