1114: More From Italy

IMG_358101_LR_10 Three little groupings this week – starting off with more from the Botanical Section of the Florence Museum of Natural History. It houses one of the finest collections of preserved plant specimens (more than 225,000) in Europe.

IMG_3410_01_LR_10Also, endless cabinets filled with glass bottles containing just about any particular seed you may ever want – well, not you, but you understand. I was fortunate enough to be allowed in for a tour and a little shooting time while visiting last month.






A few from the cities and towns…





_MG_2963_01_LR_12Vinci 2




And finally some from the countryside.





_MG_3102_01_LR_10Umbria 2




One final note – Last Saturday, the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (WAAM) awarded me their annual photography award, the Leilani Claire Award for Outstanding Photography. I am honored to have been chosen and am most grateful. I have been involved with WAAM for several years and have enjoyed every moment of my membership – even hanging the annual holiday shows! If you are an artist living in the general area of Woodstock drop in. You ‘ll find it quite appealing.


Thanks for visiting.

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5 thoughts on “1114: More From Italy

  1. No matter your subject, Art, I’m struck by the amazing tactile quality you bring out of everything you shoot, from glass to seed pod to stucco to tree to cloud. A well deserved award!!!

  2. Makes me nostalgic for my months living with a family in Umbria, through the experiment in international living, which placed us for Tyler Rome. Most beautiful countryside, cannot believe it looks the same as in 1970’s. Susan

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