1107: Design

IMG_3756_02_LR_12The little mountain town of Volterra, Italy, known for its early Etruscan settlements, sits on a plateau surrounded by volcanic hills. The image above, which just won an honorable mention award in this Saturday’s opening Small Works Show at The Woodstock Artists Assn. & Museum (WAAM), shows one of those many hills. Like so much of the Italian landscape, the designs that nature provides can sometimes overwhelm (in a most favorable way) one’s own design sensibilities.

IMG_1698_01_LR_12No surprise, then, that great design can be found everywhere. And it’s been everywhere over there for a long, long time. I have a group of images today that reflect that sense of design. And, rather than look all around, I chose to look down at the ground. The triangles are floor tiles at the Cathedral of St. John the Lateran in Rome. As are these:





This particular favorite, which covers wide areas of the Cathedral floor, reminded me of the mosaic tiled flooring (below) that was abundant in sections of the Third century Baths of Caracalla.



Even the lowly sewer grates have a certain sense of good design:










The Cypress trees, ever present throughout the countryside, create designs and patterns  much like some of the existing architecture – in this case the ancient aqueduct in Spoleto.






After a while, even the crumbling walls of Rome begin to …


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