0813: Heading to Vermont


I’m posting early this week. Normally, my “blog” day usually falls on Thursdays. But this week I’ll be hanging a solo show in Isle La Motte, Vermont. And, since most of my readers will not be making their way up there (a stone’s throw from the Canadian border), I thought I’d display some images from the show today.


It was over a year ago when Cindy and I decided to get away for a few days, the only thought being that we point the car in the direction of Vermont, a place neither one of us knew very well. Quick research led me to Chazy Reef, 480 million years old, and described as “… the world’s oldest reef in which corals first appear.” by Dr. Charlotte Mehrtens, Professor of Geology at the University of Vermont.

Today’s opening image is a dramatic view of Fisk Quarry, another part of this Ordovician wonderland.



Art & Fossils

Sunday, August 18, 1-5 PM

Fisk Farm

3849 West Shore Road
Isle La Motte, VT 05463






There are two important stories to Isle La Motte and the Chazy Reef. One is, obviously, the extraordinary natural history of the site. The other is the effort, over time, of the local citizens to save this valuable site. The Isle La Motte Preservation Trust (ILMPT) was founded in 1998,  their mission being the protection and preservation of the reef. Their efforts allow scientists and researchers from all over the world to come  and study this most unique site.









Galaxies of gastropods









I’ll have more about Chazy Reef next week upon our return.

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4 thoughts on “0813: Heading to Vermont

  1. Beautiful photographs of this amazing reef! I look forward to seeing them firsthand when we stay at Fisk Farm the last week of August.
    The ILM Preservation Trust was also spotlighted in the most recent Yankee magazine.

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