IMG_4454_01a_LR_10Daily rain has kept me from being out in the field lately. Fortunately, I have a backlog of raw images to last a long time.

IMG_1601_01_LR_12I dropped into my photo libraries looking for overlooked images – overlooked because they didn’t fit my mood at the time, or were left behind by newer, more pressing shootings, or merely forgotten. Honestly, it was the latter in most cases.

IMG_2404_01_LR_10So today I present a mix of local, totally ordinary fossils – all found just down the road from my studio.

IMG_2418_01_LR_10Nothing earth-shattering. Perhaps that is what is so appealing about this selection.

IMG_1497_01_LR_10Each fossil has a unique charm and, coupled with their age and history, they have stories to share.






IMG_1613_01_LR_10Thank you as always for visiting this site. More images at www.artmurphy.com

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2 thoughts on “071113

  1. Hi, Art; I have all kinds of (probably inaccurate) notions of the size of these fossils. Every once in a while would give some indication of scale. I know they vary but have no sense of how much. Beautiful work as always. Thanks!

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