0627: Small Town Parade

MangerRegular readers of this blog might remember this image of mine, entitled “American Manger.” It was taken last year (July 4, 2102 to be precise) and is part of a show set to open on July 5. The show, entitled Small Town Parade, is the product of eleven photographers (myself included) who gathered together to cover the annual Saugerties, NY Fourth of July Parade.


Like parades occurring in thousands of small towns all across the country that day, they each reflect the local community pride as well as the collective love of country. While they all share common elements, they each have a flavor unique to their respective community. As a group we set off to capture these various elements and, encouraged by the results, we now wish to share our observations with the community. Please join us if you are in the vicinity.



Opening Reception – Friday, July 5, 2013

6 – 9 PM

 Saugerties Performing Arts Factory (SPAF)

169 Ulster Avenue, Saugerties, NY

 Through July 26


Each of the images appearing today are part of this exhibit. Each is followed by the name of the particular photographer which links to their respective websites.


Waving to the crowd  at the traditional July 4th Parade in Saugerties, NY-2012.Allen Bryan


BenjaminSwett03Benjamin Swett


Parade Overlook, SaugertiesDan Burkholder


#58 MilitaryHarry Wilks


girl_on_tractor_amJill Skupin Burkholder


ban the bomb glassesKen Tannenbaum


MichaelNelson04 copyMichael Nelson


Moshe 01Moshe Katvan


Rivka 3Rivka Katvan


Lindley_03Tom Lindley


Seldom do we photographers have the opportunity to work with others, photography being  a rather solitary pursuit. This project allowed for it, much to the benefit of each of us. A wonderful sense of joint purpose and camaraderie infused this effort and we believe is present in this exhibit.

01aI’ll be back with fossils next week.

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