0606 – …Continued

IMG_0999_01_LR_12Last week’s subjects are back again thanks to the volume of workable images each produced (kinda hard to miss with subject matter like this!). And since much of my time lately has been taken up with printing and framing for upcoming shows, I decided to dip into those deep wells for this week’s images.

The two sites are the Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven, CT, and a huge antique store outside Cooperstown, NY, named Wood Bull Antiques. What they both have in common is that they are repositories of “old” things. One is filled with cultural detritus and/or antique treasures (depending on one’s perspective). The other houses the “story of life” stuff – in this case hundreds of millions of years old “stuff.”

IMG_0079_01_LR_12From the Peabody’s collection of crinoids.


You might remember this next crinoid from last week. This is another angle, one of many many different versions. Shifting the light source and changing angles and focus provided me with too many good options.


IMG_0947_01_LR_10A tabernacle and a birdhouse on equal footing


IMG_9979_01_LR_10 IMG_0931_01_LR_10 IMG_0209_01_LR_10 IMG_1014_01_LR_10_______________

Here are the last four for today.

IMG_9963_01_LR_10 IMG_0982_01a_LR_10 IMG_0152_01_LR_10 IMG_0961_01_LR_12Thank you as always for visiting this site. More images at www.artmurphy.com

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2 thoughts on “0606 – …Continued

  1. What a neat pairing: the ice tongs (?) and the starfish. But ditto what Ken said: Your stuff is _always_ good. Oh, and I just saw the circles and the circles (bottles and snailish creatures)—and circles in the last one!

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