0530 – More from the Peabody

IMG_0021_01_LR_12When I first saw this fossil grouping of crinoids on my recent trip to the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History all I could think about were the bronze reliefs on the doors of the Florence BapistryI have often referred to the “sculptural beauty” of the fossils I photograph. And in this case I saw the trees in the panel landscapes.

IMG_8358_01_LR_10For their beauty to be appreciated these invertebrate fossils need no comparisons. In their own right they have a visual significance that is as important and meaningful as is their age and history.



A few days ago, while driving through central New York, I came across a very large antique/junk shop. Acres surrounding the main building were filled with objects everywhere, some placed deliberately, others strewn haphazardly about.

IMG_0917_01_LR_10The more I looked about the more I could see random still lives.

IMG_9888_01_LR_12So, since notions of mood, composition, tone, etc. run through my work in a similar fashion I thought I’d intermix the Peabody fossils with some of my recent finds.

IMG_0975_01_LR_10 IMG_0244_01_LR_10 IMG_0914_01_LR_10_______________

The old and the very old.

IMG_9937_01_LR_10 IMG_0974_01_LR_10 IMG_0116_01_LR_12I’ll have more images from both of those trips in weeks to come.


Thank you very much for the visit.

3 thoughts on “0530 – More from the Peabody

  1. Wonderful!! Did you ever read The way of all flesh: the romance of ruins (M. Dekkers)? I think you’d like it!

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