IMG_9859_comb2v4_LR_12Devonian Tablets

Something new from this past week. The coral in the picture above, 385 million years old, sit verso and recto like some ancient codex full of meaning. Sometimes with these objects the closer one looks the more there is to discover. This coral came from just down the road and it sits on metal grates picked out of a burned out factory. Together they speak a language I keep trying to learn.


Speaking of “just down the road”, because this area is so full of fossils I can often find them along the roadside. Simply taking a walk down the country lane where my studio sits can be an exploration in itself. These two were found on a brief stroll the other day.

IMG_9827_01_LR_12 IMG_9835_01_LR_10_______________

Good weather got me out from the computer and I spent a few hours with a large rock that I had visited a few years ago. This became my office/work space on a delightful Spring afternoon.

IMG_9804_01_LR_10 Each layer of the rock provided a variety of fossils, some more intact than others, but each nonetheless full of visual opportunities. The remainder of the images all come from that session.

IMG_9784_01_LR_10 IMG_9782_01_LR_10 IMG_9770_01_LR_10 IMG_9762_01_LR_12 IMG_9816_01_LR_10 _______________

And before I end this post, two points of interest:

I am honored to be this month’s featured artist on the ASCI website. For those not familiar, ASCI stands for Art and Science Collaborations Inc. Founded in 1988 by Cynthia Pannucci, it is an organization (of which I am a member) whose purpose is “…to raise public awareness about artists and scientists using science and technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and to increase communication and collaborations between these fields.”

Anyone interested in the intersection of art and science should pay them a visit.


IMG_3462_01b_LR_12It was a special night tonight. I got to watch my son, Shaun Balin, playing his fiddle live on American Idol. He played and sang background vocals for Lauren Alaina. She sounded great and so did he!! Can’t tell you how proud I am of him – for all he has done so far – and all that is surely yet to come. Great job Pal!


Thank you as always for visiting this site. More images at www.artmurphy.com

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2 thoughts on “050913

  1. Really like the colors in your photographs of the fossils in this post. I’d say you’ve definitely met the challenge here of “keeping the work fresh,” a goal you mention in your ASCI interview.

    • Always a pleasure to hear from you Linda. And thank you for your continued interest and kind support. The weather is good finally. I hope you are out and about shooting. Best wishes Art

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