022813 – A Break in the Weather

IMG_8517_01_LR_12Eastern Escarpment of the Catskills

It’s “Cabin Fever” time of year. My wonderful cabin studio in the woods begins to feel oppressively small. Every snowfall is hoped to be the last and Spring can’t get here soon enough. So it was a pleasure to have a good weather day earlier in the week. A few small patches of snow but dry ground and mild temperatures. And I took advantage of it before it could change.

I grabbed my bag and headed to a favorite spot – a nearby quarry full of fossils that also possesses a grand view of the eastern escarpment of the Catskills. I spent a good part of the afternoon up there, reacquainting myself with a routine made dormant by the season. Hiking through the hills, digging and getting dirt under my fingernails, filling my bag full of fossil rocks to take back to the studio – soon “cabin fever” became a distant memory.


These are some of the pieces I carried back.











The remaining images are what I found when I had arrived at the top of the quarry. The only other recent visitor was a deer who left some old tracks. Fossil laden rocks floated on and around the melting snow.














And little bits of vibrant color poked through. I do look forward to Spring.


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