022113 – Just Another Week


Two recent images start this post – the one above entitled “Sortie” is part of a juried show opening this Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Hudson Opera House in Hudson, NY. and sponsored by the Columbia County Council on the Arts.

IMG_7810_2b_LR_12This image, entitled “Louvre Widow”, has been selected to be part of another juried show opening next Friday, March 1, at the Shirt Factory Gallery in Glens Falls, NY. If you are in those areas at those times please stop by.


_MG_1977_01_LR_12I always carry a camera or two with me wherever I go, at least most of the time. You never know when that perfect light just might hit that perfect subject! Sure, that’s what could happen. Most of the time, though, the process usually works much differently. And lately, as a visually dreary and unexceptional winter drags on, finding anything visually stimulating out there can be a challenge.

_MG_2006_01_LR_10What a pleasure it was to run across this site a few days ago. My cameras had been sitting in their respective cases for far too long. And this opportunity to satisfy that need to shoot could not be overlooked.

_MG_1967_01_LR_10A simple exercise – an old factory building in its final days – just exploring the graphic possibilities.


An exercise for the eyes and the mind.

_MG_1961_01_LR_10 _MG_1976_01_LR_10 _MG_1996_01_LR_10And a little post-apocalyptic rubble thrown in for good measure.

Thank you as always for visiting this site. More images at www.artmurphy.com

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