Awaiting the Storm

IMG_8419_01_LR_12I ran out early this morning to photograph the first wave of snow – part of what I am sure will be the worst storm of the season – or was it going to be the worst of the century – or millennium – I forget which – the forecasters keep changing the predictions. What they don’t change, though, is just how dire our fate is. Here is a map from earlier today. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

weathermapBy the time you read this you might have already heard our fate here in the Northeast – whether or not civilization as we know it will survive! Just a note – it is February. It’s supposed to snow. Enjoy the snow.





Personal business had me on the road unexpectedly this past week, thus the day late posting. With few opportunities to take pictures I decided to (safely) make use of drive time to put my “point and shoot” to good use. Hits and misses can be largely random. Sometimes they can produce interesting results. Here are a few of those from the trip:








One last note – The following piece, a new work of mine (which ran in last week’s post) was selected for a show scheduled to open tomorrow, February 9, at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum. The juror of the show was Carrie Haddad, owner of the Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, N.Y.


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