Drained of Color

darkskyWinter has set in. And with that comes the temporary loss of color.


Sometimes it’s like someone is messing with the local saturation slider.


Sometimes it’s a small splash of color amidst the dreary.


And other times it’s just a delicate hint of color.



I’ve been on something of a “desaturation” kick lately. More specifically, black & white has really captured my attention ever since my trip to Paris. While the contemporary art scene was dreadful, the photo galleries had great work. And much of it was black & white. I don’t know if that’s what got me to rethink things or if Paris just particularly looks great in black & white. Whatever it was seems to have stayed with me.

IMG_5544_01a_LR_10Here are a group of fossil images from a recent trip to Ithaca that suggested black and white.






I’ve been spending time printing for an upcoming show. The print below is one of three that will be in the show, entitled “Visitors, Visitations, Visions,” opening on January 26 at the GCCA Gallery on Main Street in Catskill. I’ll have more about it next week.

_MG_1829_02_LR_10Thank you as always for visiting. More images at www.artmurphy.com

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