In The Beginning…

_MG_1792_01_LR_15The first full week of the new year has been a busy one. Seeds planted long ago are beginning to bear fruit (metaphorically, of course). I’ve been chained to the computer arranging schedules for upcoming shows this year. And, despite the dreariness of snow covered landscapes and endless gray skies, I am excited at the prospects and grateful for the opportunities.


I decided to spend time going through my library, organizing, cleaning out the digital “stacks” of outtakes, etc. – like an early start to Spring Cleaning. In doing so I came across some of my earliest fossil images. I’ve been photographing them for six years. Much has happened to the project over that period of time. Style has changed and evolved. My approach has changed substantially as I have learned more about the subject. And new locations have led to wonderful new discoveries over time.

It seems like a good time to display some of these earliest images. They haven’t seen the “digital” light of day for some time now. And, like old friends, they are worthy of a visit and a fresh look.











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