Final Thoughts – 2012

IMG_8154_02_LR_10Back in time from holiday travels to wrap up this blog for 2012. Two recent snowfalls have covered much of the Northeast with a blanket of snow (a return to a more normal winter perhaps?). It is a reminder that indoor projects will be more likely for me into the near future – there’s no upside that I can imagine to hike for fossils in snow!

img_2938_01_lr_12Fourth of July Parade, Saugerties, NY

But, before I get to them, on this last day of the year I would like to offer you my very best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year! According to my WordPress “annual report” (a great little statistics feature), this past year viewers came from seventy one countries around the world. So, whatever the time zone, have a safe and happy holiday.

img_8107_01_lr_wpDevonian Drawer: The Fool

I took some time earlier to scroll through this past year’s postings. There were 46 in all with a total number of images approaching 600! For me, so many of them fall down the “memory hole” once I’m on to the next week’s subject that it’s important to step back and review. You know – see where you’ve been – see where you’re heading. A nod to yesterday and an embrace of tomorrow.

So, here are some images from the past year that jumped out at me for a second view – not the best, not the worst, just some that hit a personal chord that I’d like to share one more time.

img_8015_02_lr_wpDevonian Drawer: Buddha with Crinoids


img_1064_01e_lr_12Gilboa Tree: Espermatopteris


img_5543_01_lr_10Trilobite Pygidium, Ithaca, NY


img_8967_01a_lr_10Brachiopod, Florence Museum of Natural History


img_9439_01a_lr_wpDevonian Drawer: Brachiopod


img_5250_01_lr_12Crinoid, Paleontological Research Institution


img_0097_01_lr_wpRock, Kaaterskill Creek


img_6372dark_01_lr_10Altamont Fairgrounds, Altamont, NY


mg_0969_01_lr_12Eiffel Tower, Paris


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4 thoughts on “Final Thoughts – 2012

  1. Art, thanks for the pics and thoughts, beautiful. I’ve been similarly viewing where I’ve been and what lies ahead, We’re going to a jazz club in a few days to hear a dear friend’s troupe on the grand stage at The Kitano Hotel. Got me to print a 14″ version of a photo I did of Satchmo’s trumpet a few years at his home in Corona, NY. The interpolation from 6.19MB to 60.3MB is stunning. I use SI Pro 2 from Fred Miranda. Works for me when I need it!

    See you next year! Happy New Year!

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