The Forces of Ignorance

I make certain assumptions about the readers of this blog. I know that many of you have a sense of or at least a curiosity about science and the world around us. So, perhaps I am simply preaching to the choir with this week’s missive. I’m not interested in going off on the state of politics in this country at this moment in time (although I could quite handily). Rather, here is just a brief note to consider when determining the value of one’s vote.

In a world dominated by technological advances (so fast that it can be dizzying) it would seem that we would want the best and brightest minds working overtime keeping us on the cutting edge. Consider for a moment please the House Science Committee. Officially known as the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Its jurisdiction covers everything from energy research and development to NASA and the National Science Foundation (and everything in between).

Here are a few of its members:

Paul Broun, R-Ga. – Rep. Broun, who happens also to be an MD, said last week that evolution and the big bang theory are “lies from the pit of Hell.” He went on to say that the Earth is 9,000 years old and it was literally created in six days.

Todd Akin, R-Mo. –  Yeah – the “legitimate rape” guy with the Third Grade understanding of reproduction. He might yet become the next Senator from Missouri.

James Sensenbrenner, R-Wi. – He regards the climate crisis as “scientific fascism.”

The list goes on. How smart do you want your kids to be? How smart do you want your country to be? Please tell all your friends to vote this year. It is that important.


Enough about that. I hope I didn’t chase you away. This past week I played hookey from fossils. The best days of Autumn are here and Cindy and I made a trip down to Storm King. For those unfamiliar, Storm King is regarded as one of the world’s leading sculpture Parks set in the lower Hudson Valley. It displays more than 100 sculptures beautifully laid out over 500 acres. We had a spectacular time on a beautiful day. Here are some images from that trip.











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3 thoughts on “The Forces of Ignorance

  1. These are really beautiful unique photos! I have not been to Storm King in years and your pictures bring me back and want me to go back-soon!
    Kristen Wyckoff

  2. Nicely done Art! Paul Brown is an ignoramus. It’s clear that global warming is caused directly by GOP “lies from the pit of hell”. Although I imagine it’s warm in hell, personally, I prefer the other side of the aisle…cool zephyrs, people talking sense.

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