October Surprise

Good news to report on a rainy Autumn day here in Catskill. I received notification the other day (my Facebook friends have already heard) that my image entitled “Devonian Drawer: Gastropod” was accepted as a finalist in an international competition, the Grand Prix de Découverte: International Fine-Art Photography Award, to be exhibited in Paris on November 16.

Seems like a real good reason to see Paris. So we are making plans to attend the event and spend ten days in a place I’ve never visited. And not just any place! I am excited at the possibilities. If any of you have or know of favorite views or interesting places (on or off the beaten path) that we should check out please let me know. My camera will be put to use!


Closer to home, I have a suite of four drawings in a group show opening on Saturday (Oct. 6, 5-7 PM) at the GCCA Gallery in Catskill, NY. Entitled TYPO, this show has allowed me to break out an earlier series that emanated from my interest in early astronomy and the diagrammatic interpretations of the universe at that time. Please drop by if you are in the area.

Ptolemaic Variations

This series was inspired by the Almagest, a Second Century mathematical and astronomical treatise on the motion of the stars and planets written by Claudius Ptolemy, a Roman era scholar of Egypt. Its models were accepted for more than twelve hundred years as the definitive representation of the universe. His diagrams of planetary motion led me to create these variations drawn on turn of the century science catalog pages.


Last weekend I found myself at an outdoor concert at the Altamont Fairgrounds, just outside Albany. My son was performing and it was the closest tour date he’s had to this area in a long time. So heavy outbreaks of rain and mud everywhere couldn’t dampen my spirits!


With serious storm clouds moving in I noticed this wonderful building (garage, storage, ??) on the far side of the fairgrounds and saw a fine shooting opportunity. The geometry set against a forbidding sky did all the work for me. I just recorded it!




I’ll end this week’s post with a few more images from the collection of the Paleontological Research Institution and the Museum of the Earth.



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6 thoughts on “October Surprise

  1. Congratulations on “Devonian Drawer: Gastropod” being chosen as a finalist in the Paris show. It is a lovely photograph. And so are the ones of the building, which show as much of your hand as the sky’s.

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