A Balancing Act

I never know where the day will lead me when I first wake up. Even most scheduled events can change depending on anything from the shifting plans of others, my mood, the weather, etc. So I generally try to roll with it. And rather than attempting to bend it all around to my “scheduled” target of events, which can often lead to that frustrating experience of the “round peg in a square hole,” I try to see where the day wants to take me. Giving in to it, I have found, can be far more productive (and satisfying).

Such was the case yesterday. I got to my studio early and immediately sat down at the computer and went to work. Much of the past week has been spent there thanks to sporadic rain – just enough to make a hike to my favorite sites a rather dicey proposition. Wet rocks, often covered with a slimy precursor to moss, do not make for sound footing. But then, despite the pleasure I gain from my work on the computer, too much of that does not make for sound mental footing!

As I sunk into a funk equal to the overcast skies the sun popped out. And I realized that salvation was at hand – the thought of spending a few hours exploring, getting dirty, and swinging a hammer – that was the solution. And that was how the day proceeded. Today’s images are the result of yesterday’s foray. Nothing earth-shattering perhaps. The fossils I found are types I have come across many times before. Still, though, these new ones are new to me. They each break out of their rocks in different ways, presenting different visual possibilities. Like portraits in a way, each fossil tells a slightly different and unique story. And the most mundane can often relate the most interesting tales.

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