Spring Cleaning

I’d like to think it was the spring cleaning bug that got me to organize the piles of fossil rocks all around my studio, both inside and out, last week. Truth be told, I had achieved a level of clutter that was grinding things to a near halt. And my inability to find anything in a timely manner was taking the fun out of what is otherwise joyful activity – creative exploration in the studio. It could have happened in any other season. It just happened now.

So piles of rocks were moved to other piles of rocks, sorted by type and “photographic possibilities.” There was some kind of order to it all, at least I found it so. And as long as I could get back to focusing on my work that was all that really mattered in the end. Funny how things pile up and what it takes to get your attention. In this locale it is all too easy to accumulate piles of fossils. And no matter how many I have lined up to photograph, there is always a need to be out exploring for more. It’s as important to me as snapping the shutter (or whatever is the correspondingly appropriate digital term). The “Decisive Moment” has been supplanted by a process that is extended sometimes over a long period of time.

All this leads to an embarrassment of fossil riches, so to speak. And many fossils get lost and forgotten under piles of new ones. So my “spring cleaning” effort ended up providing me with many fresh new possibilities.

Sometimes I think that they are unique messages sent out millions of years ago. Other times I think I am looking at aerial images of ancient worlds. Perhaps Mesa Verde or Chaco Canyon .

Sometimes I see a world too alien to comprehend.

And other times I see simplicity.

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