More from the Devonian Drawer

Today’s post starts off with the above image – an ammonoid loaned to me by a good friend and wonderful artist, Loren Standlee of Woodstock, N.Y. He found it years ago during one of his many trips to Tibet. If you haven’t already noticed, it’s almost impossible for me to pass up a fossil “photo op” especially when such beauty exists – and has such a good story to go with it. Loren’s work is stunning and unique – dense and intriguing collage reflective of his personal journeys. (That journey began as a member of the influential progressive/psychedelic rock band “Gong” back in late 60s Paris!) Visit his site and explore his work –

And now to my drawer. As with much of the northeast, we, here in Catskill, were treated to beautiful, warm weather the past few days. Early Spring in the air perhaps and the acknowledgement of a receding (almost snowless) winter just seemed to rev up the creative engines. I continue to accumulate an interesting assortment of objects to fit this project (and more than enough fossils to fit my needs). And, once again, friends continue to assist. Most artists I know seem to have great collections of objects, pieces that range from the bizarre to the stunning – but all idiosyncratic and unique to the particular owner. And I am most grateful to them all for offering those objects to help fill out this work.

So here is the latest installment in the series. I hope you enjoy them:

Thank you for the visit. More images at

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