New Adventures

The other day Cindy and I drove out to Ithaca to take down my show at the Museum of the Earth. It hung for three and a half months (a very nice run). Usually such an event is significantly less exciting than initially hanging it. But this was a different experience entirely, which I will describe momentarily.

I need to take a moment to express my great thanks to the Museum and its staff for giving me the opportunity to display my work on their walls. I would especially like to thank Mr. Warren D. Allmon, Director of the Museum, for fostering the links between art and science; to Ms Cathy Blackburn, Exhibition Director, for carving out a beautiful space to show the work at its best; and to Ms Elizabeth Brando, Associate Director, for her oversight and general assistance. Thanks also to the rest of the staff as well, all of whom were always friendly and generous in their assistance.

I had great motive to pack up the show quickly and efficiently. I had earlier had conversation with Greg Dietl, Director of Collections, about shooting some pieces from the collection in the time remaining in the day. And what a collection it is – a world class and world respected collection with one of the most comprehensive Paleozoic Invertebrate collections in the United States.

The images displayed here are just the first few I’ve been able to process, with many, many more waiting in the wings. The fossils I had access to are individually breathtaking on so many different levels. I could struggle along from here attempting to describe the excitement I felt as I explored these seemingly “otherworldly creatures” with my camera. But I’m not that good a writer. And I don’t want to get in the way of the images. I’ll let them speak for themselves. (One more thanks to Greg, Judith, and David for their directions and assistance.)

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