A New Year Begins

This was the first pic of the new year – early morning with the eastern escarpment of the Catskills playing hide and seek behind the low clouds. With the holidays behind us I decided to revisit some earlier image folders, just to see whatever might have been inadvertently forgotten. Given the richness of fossils found in this immediate area it’s easy for some fine prospects to fall to the bottom of the pile, thus being deprived of the camera’s gaze. So , before moving on, I chose to revisit my recent crinoid finds.

I wrote a few weeks back about my “crinoid encounter” and posted some of the early images. Turns out there was a lot more there – a lot more to play with visually. All the circular crinoid “ossicles” created such interesting patterns. So, rather than using some of my standard backgrounds, I decided to match pattern with pattern.

The pattern behind the crinoid laden rocks is another rock full of Lower Devonian coral – syringopora, to be specific. It’s not uncommon around here. I have found outcroppings of several square feet in numerous locations near Kaaterskill Creek. And while it somewhat commonplace I am always amazed at its appearance.

It has even found its way into my ongoing “Devonian Drawer” project. I have three more of those to share (from the pre-holidays period – there are many more to come.) The first image relates directly to Hurricane Irene (see earlier post). Both objects were uncovered by the powerful flooding that ripped through this area and so much of the Northeast. Large amounts of the coral were exposed when the rushing water tore loose the foot or so of ground covering rock formations down the road. And the brush was a tiny bit of the detritus moved to a new place.

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