Bonus Days



Autumn shirtsleeves weather – last opportunities to get out and explore before the raw bite of winter becomes the new norm – that’s what we’ve been experiencing in the Hudson Valley/ Catskill area this past week. And all the scheduled activities, chores, etc., of the past three days were pushed off in favor of long visits to one of my favorite sites:



This dry stream bed down the road has provided me with a great number of fossils over the past several years. And this particular year it has provided me with many images that I have used in this blog. So it only made sense that I head there. This became my “office” for those days. The afternoon sun, now lower in the sky, cut through the trees, raking across the rocks at a sharp angle and making visible features otherwise unseen in flatter light.

And with that the rocks and I had some great conversation. And that led to this find:



This cephalopod was hiding under a fractured layer of a large sandstone rock that I have worked in the past. Quite a thrill to fold back the rock to discover this. It is approximately 15 inches long with a tapered end like I’ve not encountered before. It comes almost to a point. And it makes me wonder if the taper is instead a twist in the tube as it settled into the bottom of the inland sea. Any thoughts?

Here is a closer view of the “taper” as well as two other finds from the same location:


And finally, on this day – 11-11-11, I reflect on this day twenty-six years ago – the happiest and most important day of my life – the day my son Shaun was born. A most stellar addition to humanity, uncommonly talented, with a sense of decency and kindness unmatched. Happy Birthday, Shaun.

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