First Snow

Just a taste of what’s to come. We had our first dusting this morning with 6 – 10 inches predicted for tomorrow. So, aside from the “exceptional” days of winter (when the coat comes off and the sun is strong), fossil hunting for me consists of two activities. The first is cracking open the large sandstone rocks I have accumulated over the summer – one good rock can occupy me for days and supply me with seemingly endless shooting possibilities. The other is revisiting pieces already photographed or previously passed over. Lighting, mood (mine, that is), and a whole host of criteria play a role in setting up for more studies.

Fortunately, that’s more than enough to get me through a snowy winter. These fossils seem to always suggest new approaches, new facets to attempt to display, and new techniques to explore. We’ll see where it takes me over the next few months.

Today’s images are the result of recent hiking in some of my favorite places:

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