The Best of Intentions

Yes, the best of intentions, that’s what I had when I set out to begin autumn clean-up in and around the studio earlier today. A beautiful sunny October day urged me to do the outside chores first. And at the top of that list was cleaning up the piles of rocks that seem to engulf the cabin. Rocks that I have carried out of the woods one by one. Rocks all full of fossil potential I assure you. Nonetheless, way too many according to most sane judgement (My first visit to a geologist’s office was most gratifying if only for my discovery that I wasn’t the only crazy person with a “fossil fetish” and rocks everywhere!).

But what to do with them? By now there are thousands – each of which, while being of little scientific value, still retain visual and aesthetic potential. As I looked at the piles and other various groupings of fossil rocks, covered by autumn leaves and needles, I began to see some of them peeking through, beckoning me to toss aside all thoughts of chores and go get my camera! The light was just right and the randomness of it made for a worthwhile exploration. Maybe the weather will change to a non-distracting “dreary” and I’ll get the chores done. Then again, I’ve always loved shooting in overcast light.

Here is a sample of Autumn Hudson Valley fossils 2011 (roughly the 385 millionth Autumn these characters have been around for!):

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