Museum of the Earth: Part 2

Before I can get back to more mundane tasks I would like to sing the praises of this gem of a museum tucked into the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York. Thanks to their invitation, my exhibit “Devonian Dreams” opened this past weekend at the Museum to a most warm welcome. I would like to take a moment to thank all the staff members for their skilled efforts in making the experience memorable. This science museum opens its arms to the arts and actively seeks out the art/science connection. And, judging by the images below, the fine art of exhibition display is alive and well here (thanks to the efforts of the Director of Exhibitions, Ms Cathy Blackburn).

This Museum of the Earth, only eight years old, is devoted to educational outreach on behalf of its parent, the Paleontological Research Institute.

PRI, as it is better known, has been and continues to be a national leader in the study of the fossil record. Its vast collection, one of the largest in America, attracts researchers from across the globe. And, under the visionary leadership of its director, Dr. Warren Allmon, PRI continues to be guided by its mission to “…serve society by increasing and disseminating knowledge about the history of life on Earth.”

The Museum and the broader surroundings are great places to visit. And with autumn colors getting close to full it’s a perfect destination for breathtaking views, the best Farmers’ Market I have ever experienced (in Ithaca), and generous and appealing wineries. Cindy and I were very fortunate to have made reservations for our stay at the McLallen House, a lovely B&B in nearby Trumansburg. Great food, wonderful ambiance, and a location well placed to access the best of the area, the McLallen House is the perfect place to stay. The remaining two images are views of the McLallen House and nearby Taughannock Falls.

And finally a reminder: The exhibit will run through January 8, 2012, plenty of time for a visit. For those unable to attend the full exhibit can be viewed digitally at “Devonian Dreams”. For those interested, Dr. Chuck Ver Straeten from the New York State Museum, and I will be speaking at the Museum of the Earth on October 29. More to come about that event.

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6 thoughts on “Museum of the Earth: Part 2

  1. I think your photos are very beautiful, other worldly
    I especially liked the one that looked like an urn
    and the smaller set of 4 photos
    great stuff….. I see it hanging in a very modern home to accent a hallway or over an entrance table
    keep up the good work
    your photography expertise is quite evident in your work

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