Museum of the Earth Exhibit

Last minute fine tuning going on around here as I prepare for my exhibit set to open on Friday (Sept. 23) at the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca, New York. It’s a wonderful, small museum, attached to a world class research institute (PRI), whose task is “…to provide the general public with a unique opportunity to explore Earth through a unique mix of natural history displays, interactive science features, and art exhibitions.” The show will run until January 8.

Central New York, for the unacquainted, is beautiful country and filled with great weekend getaways and treasures. The soon-to-appear change of season is as colorful and rich as any Autumn setting. If you have the opportunity please visit.

The twenty three images that comprise the exhibit can be found at Devonian Dreams.

Today’s images are from the exhibit. More on the show next week.

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Thank you for the visit. More images at

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