So What Do You See?

The above image is that of a brachiopod in course sandstone, a small lip falling into shadow, and various colored stripes (that I assume are the result of chemical interactions over a very long period of time.) That’s what’s there. That’s the result of the last whack of my hammer and chisel. And yet as I view it I keep thinking about Saturn.

I am often pleasantly amused when viewers of my work see “other” things in the images. A few friends delight in playing their own version of “Where’s Waldo” where Waldo is replaced by a menagerie of animals. It’s that creative side of the brain at work. And for those who swear that they are anything but creative take a moment to read what Leonardo da Vinci said about letting the mind wander:

“When you look at a wall spotted with stains, or with a mixture of stones…you may see battles and figures in action, or strange faces and costumes, or an endless variety of objects, which you could reduce to complete and well-drawn forms. These appear on such walls promiscuously, like the sound of bells in whose jangle you may find any name or word you choose to imagine.”

I always hope my images provide the viewer with a jumping off point, whether for exploration, contemplation, or simple visual information. We each bring our own experiences to art. So if you find Waldo, congrats! Same too for “cosmic meaning” or even for just finding some 380 million year old former resident who lived and died at the bottom of an ancient inland sea.

I’ve posted some new work on my website, both fossils and non-fossils. Here are some direct links to those pages and a few samples. Take a look. I hope you enjoy them.

        New Fossil Images                                               New Assorted Images

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4 thoughts on “So What Do You See?

  1. As always, I love your work! Collected seashells in Florida this week…love their beauty! I love your circular photos…are they pinhole??

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