New Work From the Devonian Well

Ever since I first came across the treasure trove of local fossils I have found them to be an endless source of photographic possibilities. And I always felt that their story and their history deserved a richer visual interpretation. So the project began. That was several years ago. Since then they continue to suggest new directions to go.

Lately I’ve been interested in textures, particularly old and worn – descriptors that certainly fit 380 million year old fossils. And the image above is the first of a new series. Much more to come.

Often, the more interesting fossils I have get to lay around in prominent places on the deck, where light changes often. Time of day, time of season, weather conditions, etc., etc., – they often reshape an object or even a point of view. So it often seems that there is an endless supply of shooting opportunities – kinda like a perpetual-motion machine! Here are a few that I have visited in the past and, thanks to a changing sky, now yield something fresh and new.

This last one is, to the best of my knowledge, not a fossil at all but rather one of the many interesting objects I run across in the field.

As always, more images at


2 thoughts on “New Work From the Devonian Well

  1. These are mysterious and enigmatic and t like the text where viewer discovers them with you. Really good. Now to post link at Geo site and smithsonian’s facebook page, etc?
    SusAn w

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