A Very Giving Devonian Sandstone

In my first post I referred to a large rock I have been exploring. Sounds a bit odd – exploring a single rock. The image above should help to explain. I ran across this large piece of sandstone along a favorite dry stream bed down the road from me. This site in general (on the back side of a friend’s property) has provided a wealth of fossils over the past few years. And this sandstone, which measures app. 5’x3’x1.5′, just seems to keep on giving!

Images I posted on June 24 (Photographing Devonian Fossils) were from this rock. I may come back to this subject again and again as Summer continues. One of the special qualities of this rock is what I believe to be various parallel fractures. And thanks to them I can sometimes “peel back” layers of the rock. As I do I feel like the new surface becomes a fresh new canvas to explore.

Below are some “work” images followed by one finished image. More to come as the rock continues to “open up”.

Additional images can be viewed at my website: www.artmurphy.com


One thought on “A Very Giving Devonian Sandstone

  1. Thank you for this, Art. You eye and skill has captured ancient beauty of form, color, and line. A real inspiration!

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